Hi Im Kori :D Im a personal blogger and i post stuff that i find funny... No theme here but i do like
all things sleeping with sirens
And I love... LOVE!
  • My bestfriend is cuter than your bestfriend♡

  • This right here happens to be my everything,shes my bestfriend, my rock, my secret club vice president, and my love. Shes 5 years old and is in the hospital, shes been there for a couple days and shes taken a turn for the worst. Please send prayers and if youre not the praying type send your loving thoughts. She really needs it, Its hard living without her, i miss her laugh and smile. ♥

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  • Please pray for cali, ♡ shes in the hospital and is in alot of pain:/

  • "Girl in my math class: So why dont math problems creators just give us x… like really throw us a bone."
  • justnabingaround:

    when the person you hate tries to talk to you


    (via heartless)

  • When your professor is about to let you out of class and people keep asking questions and you trying to gtfo of there


    *me internally screaming*

    followed by

    *internal crazy hysterical laughter from sleep deprivation*

    "count your blessings bitch."

  • Time to take blogging seriously ♥